Sunday, 25 October 2009


Satyenkumar has been one of my favourite designers for a long time now ever since some of the spectacular aw08 collection which had some beautiful pieces such as an amaizing panel sweat which was just sublime. I dont know how i've missed his aw09 collection until now but i absolutely love the whole look of the collection. There are clear trends running through it, the relatively high waisted trousers which i believe need to make a come back big time soon. The clear matching colours with not too much contrast goes with a lot of the monochrome stuff i'm wearing at the moment. I gave up trying to be bold with colour and am now trying to be bold with texture, it is very interesting the subtleties you can create with similar shades and unusual materials, maybe even some subtle patterns.
Anyway Daniel Jenkins has some stand out pieces from this latest collections plus a few bits and pieces from older collections i believe so go check them out.

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