Friday, 16 October 2009

Opening Ceremony

When i spoke earlier about wanting to push myself colour wise i think i may have found a piece that will do just that this summer.
I've already been looking for a Breton top for a while now, all be it a slightly more traditionally styled one but its still in basic a breton at heart. The dropped shoulders and wide neck still being there but the red and white are a more suitable colour for me right now. As i said, i have far too much navy blue and blues n general clogging up my rails and even though in the middle of summer i can kind of get away with it i fear that during the up coming grey months the blues will be turned to a murky stodge by the muffled light.

So i need something to brighten up my winter, something which will still sit alongside most of my other clothes but stand out for the solidness of colour. This Opening Ceremony Breton is so perfect, i love the bright red stripes which sit so well on the creamy backing. The elbow patches bring another layer of colour whilst hopefully matching up with all of that blue i already have. i've also wanted an excuse to by some sky blue loafers in the last couple of days and this might just be the item that allows me to do that. I'm also head over heals about that little tan button which looks so precariously hung on the chest pocket and the white stitching that fringes the elbows.I know its not that out there or crazy but i really struggle with colour, its something i need to ,lets say, work on.

I've also taken quite a fancy to this Carolyn Massey
cape. I found something similar in a vintage shop about a month ago but didn't have the funds to buy it at the time and have been meaning to make a trip but east to have a look if it is still there but i severely doubt it will be and i don't think i can afford the real thing.

Oh well i'll keep my eyes open and maybe something will fall into my arms.

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