Tuesday, 8 December 2009

ive been off here for so very long now. Had great plans to force myself to blog at least once a day but i can't seem to get around to tweet once a day let alone write anything of any substance.
Anywho, was at the UCL Christmas carol concert tonight and through all the festivities couldn't help but notice two things;

1 how inappropriately dressed i was, their was nothing festive about me
2 how damn cold i was.

And so to kill two birds with one stone i must go buy myself a Christmas jumper soon very soon.

On other news im slightly infatuated with this photo at the moment

Im not sure why but the proportions just seem right, the long crotch and those three buttons on the trousers the high boots just do it for me. A cheaper and botched together copy may be coming my way very soon. Maybe paired with that newly purchased festive jumper. Well we'll wait and see.

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