Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Phillip Lim

Starting this blog has given me good excuse to spend hours tralling through a congested bookmark folder of designers. I redily religate nearly every designer i stumble upon to this dusty archive of my intrests and about 6 links up from the bottom i stumbled upon Phillip Lim who i'd only put there three days ago but already forgotten about.

This may seem awful but it was actually kind of nice to get excited about a designer for a second time in a week. His use of jersey bottoms which look so very very comfortable and those stunning cropped double breasted blazers with the contrasting lapels is so exciting, not to mention those studded slip ons and almost minimalist high tops. In my opinion fashion too often gets caught up with smacking you in the face but it is so much more exciting to see something which almost rolls off the tongue and into your wardrobe smoothly. The monochrome outfits are so outstanding I may even push the boat out and spend some of the already dwindling student loan on a purchase or two. hmmm.

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