Sunday, 25 October 2009


Satyenkumar has been one of my favourite designers for a long time now ever since some of the spectacular aw08 collection which had some beautiful pieces such as an amaizing panel sweat which was just sublime. I dont know how i've missed his aw09 collection until now but i absolutely love the whole look of the collection. There are clear trends running through it, the relatively high waisted trousers which i believe need to make a come back big time soon. The clear matching colours with not too much contrast goes with a lot of the monochrome stuff i'm wearing at the moment. I gave up trying to be bold with colour and am now trying to be bold with texture, it is very interesting the subtleties you can create with similar shades and unusual materials, maybe even some subtle patterns.
Anyway Daniel Jenkins has some stand out pieces from this latest collections plus a few bits and pieces from older collections i believe so go check them out.

Friday, 23 October 2009

The Mountan Parka

After finding this sketch of a mountain parka in my internet trawling the urge to buy became ever so strong. I love parka's in general but i always think that a full length one squashes my already short legs down into odd little stumpy things that are completely unflattering. However this mountain cropped style is, for a man with shorter than desired legs a preferable option. I love the four large external pockets and the rugged military feel to the whole thing, and as i said earlier i want to make my wardrobe more masculine so why not veer away for harington jackets and towards a more outdoorsey look.

This one is from Garbstore and despite it not having the two large chest pockets that i loved in the first picture I am quite partial to little bits of leather detailing. The toggles and the strip in the middle are simply sublime and I love that dark olive colour with the orange lining so very much.
The other is this Woolrich Woolen Mills Parka which i have pretty much fallen head over heals in love with.

The detailing on this is indescribable. As with all Woolrich Woolen Mills products it it assured to be made to the very highest quality with a 100% cotton outer and 100% wool lining. With 3 large bellow pockets and one vertical zip pocket it almost ticks all boxes there and again it has some of those little details that really make it. The leather toggles , the raglan sleeve and the rear poachers pocket add those little bits that push this jacket into the lead.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Sewing machines ready?

I stumbled upon this today. Which is a blog of a design student at LCF. I love finding these sort of guys out, young and ambitious designers who could quite easily populate and create the next generation of menswear.

I was particularly keen on this shear jumper and the side fastening shirt. The shirt is still so simple, so clean and basic, but by pulling the buttons round to the side the slight twist and change of proportions is really quite attractive. That teamed with the jumper which adds so much depth to the white increasing the contrast in it and giving it so much more than what the plain white shirt without it could give.

Its worth looking out for these kind of guys , you never know what you might discover?

Friday, 16 October 2009

Opening Ceremony

When i spoke earlier about wanting to push myself colour wise i think i may have found a piece that will do just that this summer.
I've already been looking for a Breton top for a while now, all be it a slightly more traditionally styled one but its still in basic a breton at heart. The dropped shoulders and wide neck still being there but the red and white are a more suitable colour for me right now. As i said, i have far too much navy blue and blues n general clogging up my rails and even though in the middle of summer i can kind of get away with it i fear that during the up coming grey months the blues will be turned to a murky stodge by the muffled light.

So i need something to brighten up my winter, something which will still sit alongside most of my other clothes but stand out for the solidness of colour. This Opening Ceremony Breton is so perfect, i love the bright red stripes which sit so well on the creamy backing. The elbow patches bring another layer of colour whilst hopefully matching up with all of that blue i already have. i've also wanted an excuse to by some sky blue loafers in the last couple of days and this might just be the item that allows me to do that. I'm also head over heals about that little tan button which looks so precariously hung on the chest pocket and the white stitching that fringes the elbows.I know its not that out there or crazy but i really struggle with colour, its something i need to ,lets say, work on.

I've also taken quite a fancy to this Carolyn Massey
cape. I found something similar in a vintage shop about a month ago but didn't have the funds to buy it at the time and have been meaning to make a trip but east to have a look if it is still there but i severely doubt it will be and i don't think i can afford the real thing.

Oh well i'll keep my eyes open and maybe something will fall into my arms.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

whys this fucking thing cutting off the right half of the pictures. fuck it i'll deal with it later.

To keep it short and sweet for your sake and my educations sake , All my old bags are dying.

These seem like a playful new choice for a new purchase, something slightly more practical than the totes and man bags i've been struggling with for the last year as well.

I bought a b-store black shawl jacket just the other week and am now regretting the choice. Not only with 15 minutes before i have to leave for university can i not find it but i'm finding this slightly harsher biker style jacket more appealing right now. I feel like i need something to masculine up my wardrobe at the moment, i tried to grow a 'tache the other week but blonde-brown doesn't really work as a lip accessory. Maybe some boots or studs might give that slightly tougher factor I'm missing at the moment. Or maybe i need a good pair of gloves? hmmm i'm fairly sure all good men have good gloves.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Love this jumper, don't know when or where its from exactly but any help finding one/something similar would be LAVELY.

blow Up

Does anyone else love David Hemmings in those slim white jeans and blue shirt in Blow Up. Its a look I'd love to give more of ago, He so subtly and easily wears his clothes which are perfectly simple but lifted by the thin rectangular faced watch and wide belt.

And it being possibly one of my favourite films ever helps just a little.

Colour Monotony

Since that picture of Hamish Bowles on the Sartorialist and that article on colour in the newest editin of FantasticMan I cannot stop thinking about colour. It's something that up until now i've probably only subconciously considered and after only small amounts of pondering It's led me to want to completely recreate my wardrobe.

When I open the doors to my small and over stuffed wardrobe what always hits me is navy blue. Navy blue or red and thats it, the odd smattering of black and white from jeans and t-shirts , one long sleeved green shirt recently bought from topman but the rest is a mixture or navy and sky blues.

So where do you start on colour, do you buy everything in similar colours so as each item will work with most if not all others? or do I create individual outfits and then swap items at a latter point? Its all very confusing so I think I'll most likely stick to what I do now, buy what I want when I see it and not really bother thinking about anything in the long run.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Phillip Lim

Starting this blog has given me good excuse to spend hours tralling through a congested bookmark folder of designers. I redily religate nearly every designer i stumble upon to this dusty archive of my intrests and about 6 links up from the bottom i stumbled upon Phillip Lim who i'd only put there three days ago but already forgotten about.

This may seem awful but it was actually kind of nice to get excited about a designer for a second time in a week. His use of jersey bottoms which look so very very comfortable and those stunning cropped double breasted blazers with the contrasting lapels is so exciting, not to mention those studded slip ons and almost minimalist high tops. In my opinion fashion too often gets caught up with smacking you in the face but it is so much more exciting to see something which almost rolls off the tongue and into your wardrobe smoothly. The monochrome outfits are so outstanding I may even push the boat out and spend some of the already dwindling student loan on a purchase or two. hmmm.

Poaching Season

Through my daily trawl of blogs and the like i by chance stumbled upon a very interesting collection by Frank Leder on StyleSalvage .Despite knowing much about this Saint Martins trained German designer his use of a history and traditional German themes is exciting. These garments are rooted firmly in history having a unmistakable air of nostalgia but are sped up to the 21st century with clever use of modern tailoring and traditional techniques.

Suprisingly the collection looks far from new. Each item looks aged and slightly distressed, I can only assume slipping into one of those jackets would feel like slipping into a already aged and loved item.His use of rough and harsh appearing materials combined with loose work wear tailoring is a perfect combination for those autumn city strolls or a country romp. Mixed with the white totes and leather detailings on the pockets (which i'm particularly fond of) what more can one ask for.