Friday, 23 October 2009

The Mountan Parka

After finding this sketch of a mountain parka in my internet trawling the urge to buy became ever so strong. I love parka's in general but i always think that a full length one squashes my already short legs down into odd little stumpy things that are completely unflattering. However this mountain cropped style is, for a man with shorter than desired legs a preferable option. I love the four large external pockets and the rugged military feel to the whole thing, and as i said earlier i want to make my wardrobe more masculine so why not veer away for harington jackets and towards a more outdoorsey look.

This one is from Garbstore and despite it not having the two large chest pockets that i loved in the first picture I am quite partial to little bits of leather detailing. The toggles and the strip in the middle are simply sublime and I love that dark olive colour with the orange lining so very much.
The other is this Woolrich Woolen Mills Parka which i have pretty much fallen head over heals in love with.

The detailing on this is indescribable. As with all Woolrich Woolen Mills products it it assured to be made to the very highest quality with a 100% cotton outer and 100% wool lining. With 3 large bellow pockets and one vertical zip pocket it almost ticks all boxes there and again it has some of those little details that really make it. The leather toggles , the raglan sleeve and the rear poachers pocket add those little bits that push this jacket into the lead.

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