Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Poaching Season

Through my daily trawl of blogs and the like i by chance stumbled upon a very interesting collection by Frank Leder on StyleSalvage .Despite knowing much about this Saint Martins trained German designer his use of a history and traditional German themes is exciting. These garments are rooted firmly in history having a unmistakable air of nostalgia but are sped up to the 21st century with clever use of modern tailoring and traditional techniques.

Suprisingly the collection looks far from new. Each item looks aged and slightly distressed, I can only assume slipping into one of those jackets would feel like slipping into a already aged and loved item.His use of rough and harsh appearing materials combined with loose work wear tailoring is a perfect combination for those autumn city strolls or a country romp. Mixed with the white totes and leather detailings on the pockets (which i'm particularly fond of) what more can one ask for.

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