Sunday, 13 December 2009

Candle Light

Becasue of a strange arrangement in my room i cant charge my phone and laptop and use the lights. Seeing as i need to read i am having to light my room with a large pile of vinilla scented tea-lights a bought a couple of weeks back ( with the added advantages of alittle extra warmth and getting rid of some of the stale smoke smell which lingers in here).

Those two beautiful Carolyn Massey shirts are hung from my picture rail at the moment and they look even better by candle light, on close inspection and seeing as im looking for any distraction from work nearly all my clothes look better in candle light than under horrible bulb light which i've had a distaste of for quite a while.

This got me thinking about Against Nature by Huysmans, in this rather slow moving novel the main (only) character Des Esseintes studies a multitude of swatches to discover what colours would work best under lamp light before he paints his room. So why dont designers take more consideration about how night-life light effects colour when a lot of the times we wear out best clothes at night and for example greys which look almost silver in day light can turn in to murky brownish tones under yellow light sources.

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