Friday, 12 March 2010

My posting is sporadic at best at the moment. Work,work,work is the problem and it shows no sign of letting up. For now just a few comments and no pictures for time constraints.
I've fallen in love with the Levi cord chukka boots by opening ceremony, stunning boots but only available in NY and LA i think ,so wont be getting my hands on a pair. Oh well worse things have happened.
After a few mildly warm mornings in the garden this week i've started to worry about spring/summer proper. I need to go shopping but with a limited amount of money, lets say £300 or so to my name there will be some carefully planned purchases coming up soon but i'm not sure what. A t-shirt or two is needed and some chino's, but apart from that my mind is fairly blank on purchases. Shorts from last year and cuts off jeans may just about do for the beach and a cheapish pair of plimsolls for my feet. I hate budgets. i sometimes dream of a day i'll live without one but to be honest i think it makes the buying experience so much more enjoyable when you really have to take care with your choices, it makes me really consider the quality and longevity of style of the items i buy instead of jus throwing my money at everything that takes my fancy.

Any suggestions on summer clothing would be very very welcome.
I'll be back with more time soon.

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