Wednesday, 17 March 2010

In response to a renewed love of bands like Sonic Youth, the pastels, beat happening etc. and a relative lack of money i have decided to opt for a fairly Lo-Fi American surf/skate/60's look this summer.

This in short means a couple of old pairs of jeans cut off into shorts or the standard skinny jeans for the colder summer day or evening. T-shirts, which i may need to pop down to the local vintage shop to bulk up on, and shirts which i have in abundant supply.

However there are two things i am need off to complete this look. Firstly a new jacket, thinking perhaps some sort of heavy-ish plaid variety, much like the one ive been stealing off my house amte for a good time now, which can be picked up in most vintage shops at the moment. The second, and more exciting issue for me, is the need for a good pair of classic vans skate shoes for those lazy summer days. This type of shoe has been reissued fairly consistently and as such there is a fairly good selection of different models out there. 3 different styles have grabed my attention mainly because they are in the sales and are on the to possibly buy list at the moment.

The two pairs are from oki-ni, the half cab in the maroon colour way...

or the sk8 mid blue...

The other pair probably top the list for me and are from office. They are the mid skool 77 and again i prefer the blue colour way...

Part of me is thinking it might be easier to go for a plain white pair but where is the fun in being plain with shoes. Maroon is a new colour to me and it feels slightly intimidating whereas i've been looking for a blue pair of shoes, all be it in a darker shade than these, for quite a while now.

Any suggestions?

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